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About NaptelhtNaptelhtNaptelht

We count with more than 30 years of combined General Telecommunication & Distribution Business experience in the US Market, South, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Through our affiliates and subsidiaries, we are a licensed Facilities base telecom operator, an electronic product distributor and marketer, a stored value card issuer/ manager and a merchant acquiring service provider.

Naptelht primary focuses on creating attractive and innovative products for cross market, cross border electronic distribution.

Some of Naptelht founders are Pioneering members of the US prepaid industry and the stored value industry.

Our product offering ranges from Local wireless top up cross border wireless top up to local, cross border bill utility payment and a full range of telecom products.

Our business philosophy is not to only offer traditional products available in the market place, but constantly innovate by introducing new products thus benefiting from the competitive edge of first to Market.

Our strategy is to develop products with strong brand recognition targeting the unattended niche immigrant populations in the USA and Canada and expending where opportunity lies.

What We Have

Our Direct physical and electronic distribution network includes:

In Florida: Consolidated Independent Routers; NAPTELHT leads a group of independent routers with 10,000 active stores.

In the continental USA: Regional master distributors in each 50 states, Combined Network footprint 80,000 active locations.

We have secured agreements with key electronic distributors in the USA and Canada operating large EDN* to distribute our range of products.

Network innovation development and enhancements 2016 to 4Q 2017:

OVER 130,000 ACTIVE LOCATIONS by end of 2017